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Willms and Piovano's projects address land rights, climate change and the impact of oil exploitation on indigenous communities.

«Patagonia - land in conflict» by Pablo E. Piovano

Born in 1981, photographer Pablo Ernesto Piovano traveled through Patagonia for the photo series Land in Conflict. The region of South America is known for its breathtaking landscapes, its glaciers and pristine forests. Piovano documented decades of land conflicts in Patagonia. In the region of Araucanía in Chile, the Mapuche defend their land law as Native Americans - even against the government, which accuses them as terrorists.

As long as the sun shines by Ian Willms

Born in 1985, Canadian Ian Willms works as a photojournalist for The New York Times, Time Magazine and GEO. His series "As Long as the Sun Shines" introduces the viewer to the consequences of oil sands exploitation in the Canadian province of Alberta. Against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, enormous clearing areas tear deep wounds into the land. With massive water, energy and chemicals, the oil from the tar sands washed, with catastrophic consequences for nature.