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Berlin Photo Week - The Conference


The Conference at Berlin Photo Week is a one day event featuring talks, fireside chats and panels from leaders in the visual industry. Hear from top photographers, photo editors and directors, photojournalists, and visual tech experts from MAGNUM, Canon, Leica and more. Selected photographs by the artist Sven Marquardt from the Neumann-Hug collection will be exhibited.

12:30 - Welcome
13:30 - Opening Speech Magnum: Thomas Hoepker, Thomas Dworzak, Olivia Arthur
14:00 - Artist Talk: David Uzokuchwu
14:30 - Keynote: Francesca Lavazza
15:15 - Panel Discussion”How to start building up a Collection” with Simone Klein, Benjamin Jäger, Howard Greenberg, Nabila & Ritchie Vogel
15:45 - "Making JR's Art Come Alive" By Alan Sternberg, tech producer JR-team How to use tech to add a new dimension to art.
16:15 - Artist Talk: Sven Marquardt
16:45 - Artist Talk: Du Yang - Tuchong "how to grow personal brand for photographers in a digital world."
17:15 - Keynote: Yoram Roth, Fotografiska
17:45 - Artist Talk: Evelyn Bencicova
18:15 - Closing Speech TBA
(Subjects to be changed)